IKGND: Development of innovative PTO drive shaft with control over operation


The purpose of implementation of the RRI project is the development of an innovative PTO drive shaft with control over operation, which provides greater safety and user satisfaction. The final product will be the C Line series PTO drive shaft, which will be an upgrade of existing products on the market. One of the key challenges of the project is development of safety crutches of new generation, that will include sensory elements. The crutches task will be informing the user about the load and maintenance procedures, which will be the main innovation of the project. Its use will increase productivitiy of the work process and the utilization of motor fuels, which will affect the lower costs, and will also increase the user's safety when handling the device. Project activities will proceed in accordance with the development phases or TRL levels. That way, the constant progress in development and date control over project, will be assured. The biggest leap will happen on crossing between fifth and sixth TRL level, in later levels there is going to be emphasis mostly on testing and upgrading in adjusted environment. One of the key project activities includes industrial design, that will improve the user experience and increase user satisfaction.


The investment is co-financed by the RS and the EU from the European Regional Development Fund (www.eu-skladi.si).
The total value of the operation : 796.380,00 EUR; amount of co-financing: 340.604,98 EUR.