Who are we?

We are a European producer of PTO drive shafts for professional use in the agricultural, forestry and municipal field. We want to satisfy even the most pretentious customer with quality, technical solutions, responsiveness and consulting.

The company has many years' tradition. The begging of operations dates back to 1979. We are a slovenian company, which is family-owned and run. We are very proud of our own development department, where a team of engineers transform ideas into products and improvements. Our wish is to relieve daily work for the user and to develop new and applicable technical solutions for them. You can read more about our advantages at the product presentation.

Our sales program includes standard and wide-angle PTO drive shafts, safety elements and suitable spare parts. Our knowledge and experience enables us to produce products on order.

Of course we didn't forget about the environment from which we derive. Every year we organize factory tours for elementary and secondary schools. Pupils from secondary schools have the possibility of an internship.

In our company we have, beside the production of PTO's, also a second production program – the so called industrial production (IP). We are specialized in mechanical processing of aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. You can read more about it at www.cerjak.eu.

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